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Functional Networking

Targets of functional networking were to strength crossborder cooperation between travel businesses in the VAE area. Region's tourism volume will increase, profitability and turnover of SMEs will grow. International expertise will be further strengthened.
Aim was also to share information and develop cooperation between VAE Partners and participating companies and Tour operators. To develop trust and to learn about each other’s products to enable discussion on cooperative packaging.


VAE project has arranged several Crossborder Networking events between 2015 – 2017.
Project has had more than 700 participants altogether in all events.

VAE Kick Off Event in Tromsø, Norway 18.-19.11.2015
Information about the project, Entrepreneurs and Tour Operators expectations for VAE.

Company Networking meeting and Workshop in Levi, Finland 4.-5.4.2016
Emphasis was to create Crossborder packages with together with VAE companies and Tour Operators.

Company Networking meeting and Workshop in Kiruna, Sweden 21.-23.9.2016
Emphasis was in Tour operators cooperation. Also Samí, R&D and Accessibility headlines were on the agenda.
There was also organized meetings between VAE companies and Tour Operators.

VAE Touroperators in Panel discussion

Sales Workshop in Luleå, Sweden, 6.-8.6.2017
VAE arranged for the first time crossborder sales workshop in VAE area. There were almost 70 buyers from selected market areas and 90 sellers and plenty of other stakeholders such as airline companies and Visit organisations represented in the Workshop. More than 2 000 different business meetings were held during the workshop. Tour Operators were especially pleased of the opportunity to meet so many different suppliers from the whole VAE area at the same event.

VAE Sales Workshop in Luleå, Sweden

VAE Final Seminar, “Visit Arctic Europe – stronger together” in Rovaniemi, Finland 21.-22.11.2017
In VAE Final seminar was 125 participants representing VAE companies, Tour Operators, VAE-team, Project financiers and other stakeholders. The aim was to bring out all the results VAE produced during the first phase.
All the presentations and pictures from the Final seminar can be found here.
You’ll find record of the whole seminar here.

Cluster meetings
Cluster round 1, Autumn 2016
Division was based on natural links: Clusters for companies geographically close to each others an Transportation links between the companies and areas.
Meetings were held in:
Saariselkä, Finland 15.-16.8.2016
Kukkolaforsen, Sweden 17.-18.8.2016
Ylläs, Finland 24.-25.8.2016
Luleå, Sweden 5.-6.9.2016
Kiruna, Sweden 12.-13.9.2016

Cluster meetings round 2, Autumn 2017
Division was based on service sectors
All the meetings were held in Tromsø, Norway 2.-5.10.2017
Theme of discussion was “Autumn Joint Communication Concept” and ”Autumn Product development”. “Autumn Product Development” was used as a topic for the first two days, in meetings with DMCs, activity companies, attractions, transportation companies, hotels and restaurants. And the “Autumn Joint Communication Concept” was used as a topic for the last meeting which was open for all DMOs in the Arctic area.
Summary report of the Workshop can be found here.

VAE Final seminar was held in Rovaniemi November 2017.