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Theme Indigenous people

Indigenous people

Imagine yourself walking the same path as your great grandparents walked. Showing your children the way, and knowing that they in their turn will do the same. Cherished memories of ancestors’ life and culture are vividly told around a reindeer herders fire. Or kitchen table. Or at the gym. The challenges of modern day Sámi life are equally tweeted and sung through the traditional jojk. Touch the handicrafts and feel the stories of borderless Sápmi. Taste the conditions of nomadic life in the food. And seek the almost invisible marks in nature. And above all, take your time and listen.

Antal markörer 7

1. Samiland Exhibition

Samiland is an exhibition presenting the indigenous Sami people. The exhibition consists of an indoor exhibition and an outdoor exhibition with winter time reindeer corrals and traditional Sami buildings.

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2. Visit Siida – Sámi museum and Nature Centre

Tickets to Siida’s exhibitions include entrance to the exhibitions of Siida and, in the summer season, to the open-air museum.

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3. Theme Tour in the Tirro Farmyard Open-Air Museum

What was life like on Tirro Farm and in Inari in the 1850s?

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4. Skolt Sámi Heritage House in Sevettijärvi in the municipality of Inari

The Sámi Museum manages the Skolt Sámi Heritage House and its collections in Sevettijärvi. The Heritage House and the open-air museum by it tell about the history of the Skolt Sámi inhabitants of Sevettijärvi.

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5. Guided Exhibition Tour

What does the plant angelica mean for Sámi? How are the aurora borealis created? What happened in Sápmi, the land of the Sámi, in 1998? A guide will help you to have an in-depth view of Siida’s permanent exhibitions.

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6. Guided experiences with respect for the reindeer with Sápmi Nature

Love for the reindeer and nature in which we live is the starting point for the experiences we offer. Experience our Sápmi in a safe, pleasant and learning way.

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