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Theme Silence


You’ve been sitting and listening to the silence for a while. You start noticing little things. The soft crackling of the fire. Birds chirping afar. A slight breeze playing in the leaves above your head. In the Arctic we have a natural recourse rarely found these days: a space for undisturbed contemplation and thoughts that gets to run their full course. Step out of the door and into natures soundscape with experiences that move both mind and body.

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1. Arctic Circle Wilderness Lodge

Surrounded by beautiful rapids of River Raudanjoki, lush shoreline forest and pristine nature, the Arctic Circle Wilderness Lodge offers traditional Finnish log cabin accommodation. The Lodge is a perfect holiday cottage for those who want to enjoy pure nature and hunt for Northern Lights not too far from Rovaniemi.

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2. Arctic Lighthouse Hotel

The hotel is located on Hailuoto, the largest island in the Gulf of Bothnia. Nestled at the foot of a former lighthouse, it offers exceptional and expansive sea views across the gulf. This truly unique and utterly fascinating venue once served as a maritime pilot station.

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3. Explorative adventures in the mountain-area of northern Swedish Lapland with Arctic Safaris

Adventures in a polar setting – A concept that has drawn people to journey the vast mountains and seemingly endless plains of the territory surrounding the north Swedish-Norweigan border. Arctic Safari arranges and organize wilderness and winter adventures throughout Swedish Lapland.

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4. Sauna center MielenValkea

Sauna center MielenValkea is an excellent place for relaxation and unwinding. Sauna Yoga is practiced seated on sauna bench in a mild temperature of 50°C. A sequence of simple, yoga-based poses and the quietness of the sauna pamper the body and the mind and make way for a thoroughly relaxing experience. The combination of the mild heat and gentle yoga poses relieve tension in the body and calm the mind.

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5. White water Rafting in Kukkolaraft

Tornionjoki river is the biggest free-flowing river in Europe in which whitefish and salmon spawn. Kukkolankoski rapids are a crown jewel of Tornionjoki which flows unobstructed even in winter. Shooting the rapids is done in a rubber raft, and the customers participate on steering by paddling. The activity starts by going through safety and paddling instructions.

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6. Northern lights cruise on lake inari

When the evenings darken our fishing boat will take you on a cruise on the mythical Lake Inari. If the sky stays clear you will have the best possibilities in experiencing the Auroras in a unique place where there is no light pollution and a clear view of the sky. Even the stars feel closer when there is only the wilderness lake surrounding you.

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7. Explore the caves formed by mountain streams

The mountains of Swedish Lapland show traces of powerful nature phenomenas. The Kåppas caves have been formed by the force of water and comprise one of Sweden’s longest cave systems. Together with a guide you can follow the old path of the powerful stream and see the inside of the mountain.

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8. Golf

Levi Golf's 18- hole golf course goes round in fantastic fell sceneries.
Accommodation in the luxurious Hotel Levi Panorama with golf green fee included.

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9. Echo – Musical guided tour in the art exhibition

With the guided tour you get to explore the pieces of the on-going art exhibition in Korundi with melodies and words. Music and art meet in a fascinating way and bring you visual experiences. One could describe it as painting with music: picturing nature, battle themes, thunder of the waves… Music serves as an inspiration for several artists and vice versa, the musician can get inspiration from art.

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10. Bird watching tours

Bird watching tours

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11. Autumn aurora walk

An easy evening walk is the most peaceful ways to go in search of the dancing auroras. Our guide will hike with you through the quiet darkness of the forest to a location perfect for observing the Auroras. Our guide can answer your questions about the surrounding nature and should you get cold some hot juice and a picnic snack by the blazing campfire will quickly warm you up.

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12. Adventures and accommodation in the archipelago with Pine Bay Lodge

Welcome to explore the Arctic archipelago with us. We offer high-class activities and comfortable accommodation in a spectacular environment.

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13. Accommodation inspired Arctic nature and culture at Hotel Camp Ripan

Camp Ripan is a modern and creative tourism facility located in Kiruna, with nature right around the corner and only a stone’s throw from the city centre. Our countryside location means we can offer you a unique place to experience the Northern Lights. Here you live comfortably, eat well and are close to a wide range of activities year-round. Camp Ripan is a family-owned company with a dedicated staff who wish to give our guests the best Kiruna has to offer as far as hospitality, comfort, dining, drinks, activities and experiences.

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14. Stay in roadless country at Saltoluokta Mountain Station

I roadless country, right nest to Laponia World Heritage Site and the vast National Parks Stora Sjöfallet and Sarek you find STF Saltoluokta Mountain Station. Since 1912 people have come here to enjoy outdoor life in an arctic environment.

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15. Stay in Laponia World Heritage at Stora Sjöfallet Mountain Center

Stora Sjöfallet is situated in the Laponia World Heritage Site and offers unique nature and cultural experiences.

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Stay in Laponia World Heritage at Stora Sjöfallet Mountain Center Stay in Laponia World Heritage at Stora Sjöfallet Mountain Center Stay in Laponia World Heritage at Stora Sjöfallet Mountain Center Stay in Laponia World Heritage at Stora Sjöfallet Mountain Center

16. Sleep among the treetops at Treehotel

Treehotel offers a unique hotel experience: treerooms with contemporary design in the middle of unspoiled nature. Here you can forget about the time constraints of everyday life, enjoy the serenity, and rejuvenate in a sophisticated yet familiar environment.

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Sleep among the treetops at Treehotel Sleep among the treetops at Treehotel Sleep among the treetops at Treehotel Sleep among the treetops at Treehotel

17. Forest Hotel – Waterfront basecamp for arctic activities all year round

Located on the waterfront in a forest setting, Forest Hotel offers accommodation and outdoor activities all year round. During our activities and in our restaurant we offers local flavours based on produce found in the area.

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18. Lappesuando – Accommodation and Activities on the shore of Kalix River

In the heart of Swedish Lapland, easily accessible and yet far from the everyday life, which is Lappeasuando. Located on the shore of Kalix River with great fishing.

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19. Hiking in the Laponia World Heritage

Laponia World Heritage is unique for its natural and cultural values. Here the indigenous people of the region, Sámi, are active in both reindeer herding in the area as well as being a part of governing the World Heritage Site. Explore the area during five days through self-guided hikes. Hiking is a great way of exploring the area where you can follow several marked trails in various difficulties.

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20. Mountain hike under the midnight sun

Experience the magic of the midnight sun above the Arctic Circle. During summer we have 100 days without night where the light will energize you and give you the opportunity to explore the area in all hours of the day. We invite you to come along on a midnight sun hike from the best possible viewpoint: the top of a mountain.

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