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You brought nothing but a cup, and now you’re filling it with the purest water straight from the stream. The gentle chill of the water streaming down your throat revitalises you. Maybe it’s time for a longer pause, a cup of coffee. Food cooked over open fire. And then carry on to further adventures. In the Arctic we let nature set the pace, creating our way of life, enjoying it to the fullest. In a way it’s our religion. Share our way of eating, playing and relaxing – and you’ll be rewarded with a healthy outside and inside.

Antal markörer 33

1. Amethyst Mine Visit

The guided program includes live presentation of geology, history and nature as well as beliefs connected to amethyst; cool beverage and searching for own lucky amethyst stone and visiting the small stone shop on site.

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2. Arctic Circle Wilderness Lodge

Surrounded by beautiful rapids of River Raudanjoki, lush shoreline forest and pristine nature, the Arctic Circle Wilderness Lodge offers traditional Finnish log cabin accommodation. The Lodge is a perfect holiday cottage for those who want to enjoy pure nature and hunt for Northern Lights not too far from Rovaniemi.

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3. Arctic Feelgood: Arctic yoga

Saunayoga or bathtub yoga (badesjarken) for body and soul. Sweating in a 40-50 degree sauna while doing gentle exercises with an instructor creates a feeling of being pure from the inside in addition to feeling relaxed. Afterwards a lunch/dinner consisting of local ingredients either outside on a beautiful spot or in the lighthouse.

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4. Arctic Lighthouse Hotel

The hotel is located on Hailuoto, the largest island in the Gulf of Bothnia. Nestled at the foot of a former lighthouse, it offers exceptional and expansive sea views across the gulf. This truly unique and utterly fascinating venue once served as a maritime pilot station.

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5. The family owned Hotel Hullu Poro

The family owned Hotel Hullu Poro (Crazy Reindeer) offers a good variety of services in the heart of Levi resort. Choose your favorite from the range of 157 beautifully decorated rooms. Within the hotel you will find conference facilities with up-to-date technology for up to 500 persons. The 15 restaurants of Hullu Poro offer new experiences and flavors for each day of the week. Hullu Poro Relax Center provides wellness services, outdoor activities and sauna experiences.  

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The family owned Hotel Hullu Poro The family owned Hotel Hullu Poro The family owned Hotel Hullu Poro The family owned Hotel Hullu Poro

6. Sauna center MielenValkea

Sauna center MielenValkea is an excellent place for relaxation and unwinding. Sauna Yoga is practiced seated on sauna bench in a mild temperature of 50°C. A sequence of simple, yoga-based poses and the quietness of the sauna pamper the body and the mind and make way for a thoroughly relaxing experience. The combination of the mild heat and gentle yoga poses relieve tension in the body and calm the mind.

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7. Sauna & dinner in local way

If you want to understand Finland and its people, getting familiar with sauna is a good starting point. Meet Esko, the local sauna master, in his traditional home in the countryside.

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8. White Night Paddling

If you want to experience the magical white nights of Sea Lapland, paddling is one of the best ways to do it. Meet your instructors at the inner harbor of Kemi and learn the safety instructions as well as the basics of paddling. After getting familiar to your gear it is time to start paddling in the silence of the Bothnian Bay.

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9. Peski reindeer program

Lappish scenery, reindeer, black pot coffee and local people. Journey in to reindeer life starts from the auditorium of Reindeer Park, where guide will tell you about reindeer year cycle.
From auditorium we continue to the Hall of Forest -display where you will find interesting facts about local nature, plants, animals, etc.

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10. Meet the Vikings – Day ticket

Travel more than 1000 years back in time. Feel the smell of tar and smoke, taste the food, see beatiful interior decorations and craftswork. Enter the reconstruction of the largest Viking longhouse ever found in the world.

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11. Lapland chamber orchestra's concert

Founded in 1972, Lapland Chamber Orchestra is the most northerly professional orchestra in Finland and indeed in the entire EU. Conductor John Storgårds has been the orchestra’s Artistic Director since autumn 1996.

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12. Lake inari cruise

This cruise starts from the harbour by the Sámi Museum Siida, and will take you on Lake Inari to Ukko Island. Lake Inari is the third largest lake in Finland and is home to over 3300 islands. The sacred Ukko Island (or Ukko ́s Rock) was used as a Sámi sacrificial offering ground right up until the 19th century. The catamaran has 120 seats. On board you can buy coffee, tea, wine, beer and small snacks.

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13. Midnight hike

Take a hike in the beautiful nature of Salla under the midnight sun. Our midnight hike starts from Sallatunturin Tuvat, where you will meet your guide. He will lead the way on top of Sallatunturi while explaining you about the local nature.

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14. Isaac Blackbeard Cruise on Bothnian Bay

"IIsakki Mustaparta, Isaac Blackbeard, lived from 1751 to 1809, when the border was drawn to Torniojoki river bisecting families, lands and fishing. When he returned back from the seas, he saw the decay of his home, all the oppression and distress. Against the bourgeois will, together with other peasantry he build a decked ship to transport tar to Stockholm, bringing a cargo of grain on his return back north. With these actions he wanted to bring democracy to the trading business but instead he irritated the officials.

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15. Day tour to Sandskär Island

Once upon a time Sandskär rose above the sea like a reef. Now it is an island with barren moors, thickly wooded forests, blossoming beach meadows and vast beaches and dunes. For centuries people have come here in order to fish Baltic herring and to hunt seals. The island is so unique that it has now become a national park. Enjoy it with all your senses. When you travel here on the Bosmina, the sense of taste will also be satisfied. How about salmon, whitefish roe (“orange caviar”) and sea buckthorn?

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16. Golf

Levi Golf's 18- hole golf course goes round in fantastic fell sceneries.
Accommodation in the luxurious Hotel Levi Panorama with golf green fee included.

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17. Korundi house of culture

Korundi House of Culture hosts the Rovaniemi Art Museum and Chamber Orchestra of Lapland. The art exhibitions focus on Finnish contemporary art and Northern art. In addition to hosting regular concerts and art exhibitions, Korundi also offers an excellent venue for a wide variety of events, business meetings, and conferences.

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18. Bird watching tours

Bird watching tours

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19. Cruises on the Bothnian Bay

The traditional S/Y Katariina and S/Y Perämeren Jähti provide cruises on Bothnian Bay with amazing view of the archipelago.

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20. Scenic hike to Sweden's highest located Mountain Lodge: Låktatjåkko

Come along on a scenic hike in the mountains above the tree line. From this hike you will get great views over Lake Torneträsk and the beautiful mountain formation Lapporten. Your treat awaits you at Sweden's highest located mountain lodge: the famous Låkta waffle.

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21. Great views over Luleå at Hotel Clarion Sense

Come and experience the four seasons in their purest forms, with space for people and the environment – where the guest is the very essence of the atmosphere. Clarion Sense – with a sense of all seasons.

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22. Stay in roadless country at Saltoluokta Mountain Station

I roadless country, right nest to Laponia World Heritage Site and the vast National Parks Stora Sjöfallet and Sarek you find STF Saltoluokta Mountain Station. Since 1912 people have come here to enjoy outdoor life in an arctic environment.

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23. Sleep among the treetops at Treehotel

Treehotel offers a unique hotel experience: treerooms with contemporary design in the middle of unspoiled nature. Here you can forget about the time constraints of everyday life, enjoy the serenity, and rejuvenate in a sophisticated yet familiar environment.

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Sleep among the treetops at Treehotel Sleep among the treetops at Treehotel Sleep among the treetops at Treehotel Sleep among the treetops at Treehotel

24. Accommodation with cultural heritage at Kukkolaforsen

Located next to Torne River you’ll find Kukkolaforsen Tourism & Conference offering rustic accommodation, various sauna experiences and rewarding fishing opportunities.

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25. Experience the original ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi

ICEHOTEL is the world’s first hotel made of ice and snow. Founded in 1989, it is reborn in a new guise every winter, in the Swedish village of Jukkasjärvi – 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. The Torne River, the arts, and creating a setting for life-enriching moments are at the heart of it all.

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26. The beautiful views and wildlife of Inlandsbanan

Scenic Train route between Gällivare and Kristinehamn. Discover the inlands of Swedish Lapland at a comfortable pace.

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27. Storytelling from Pite River at Kust Hotel & Spa

KUST Hotell & Spa is the new landmark of the region, a four-star hotel taking you on a journey with all senses.

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28. Beautiful views and arctic activities at Dundret Mountain Resort

Dundret mountain resort is located 100 km above the Arctic Circle, only five minutes from the city center of Gällivare in Swedish Lapland. At Dundret you get the feel of wilderness even though you are only minutes away from the city.

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29. Luleå City Hotel close to the Archipelago of Swedish Lapland

Prestigious Elite Stadshotellet is located by the City Park in Luleå, close to both shopping and entertainment. Luleå is located on a peninsula with easy access to archipelago during both summer and winter.

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30. Accommodation at Hotel Bishops Arms in the Arctic city of Kiruna

Welcome to the Hotel Bishops Arms in Kiruna, a perfect destination for enjoying different arctic adventures. Based in the city centre with easy access to both summer and winter activities as well as cultural and gastronomical experiences.

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31. Aurora hunting by car

When hunting those unpredictable Northern lights, it helps to be able to travel bigger distances in search of clear skies on cloudy days. Our guide checks the forecast to see which direction the clouds are moving in and knows the places where it is safe to stop and check the sky. The rest is down to luck!

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32. Storforsen Hotel at the foot of Nothern Europe's highest undeveloped waterfalls.

Spend summer in an exciting environment with nature on your doorstep. The hotel is located next to Storforsen Rapids, the highest undeveloped waterfall in Northern Europe, in the shape of a river with a waterfall featuring an 80 meter drop over the course of five kilometers.

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33. Let the elements embrace you at Aurora spa at Camp Ripan

A relaxing experience of the Arctic for all senses. Aurora Spa at Camp Ripan is the perfect place to relax and reflect after a full day of adventures.
If you are longing for a complete experience for body and soul, then Camp Ripan is just what you need.

After a full day outdoors, feel the bliss of stepping into our Aurora Spa as any strains of the day’s physical activities melt away. Enjoy a relaxing sauna bath and refreshing dip in the pool, indulge in giving yourself a soothing footbath and beneficial spa treatments. At your own pace, you carry out the treatments in our Spa! The treatments at Aurora Spa are based on old Swedish, Sami and Torne Valley Finnish medicinal traditions. All products contain natural raw ingredients and are completely free of preservatives.

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